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[libopcodes] Getting the list of supported architectures (even plugins...)


I am trying to extract the list of the supported architectures from libopcodes.

I think I already got the list of all the executable file formats through bfd_target_list() (but still the plugins seems to not be there).

Then, I found the procedure bfd_arch_list() which seems to correspond to the list of architectures. But, I can only get the basic ones and the plugins are still not displayed (I just suppose it like that, correct me if I'm wrong).

My problem is that I would like to be able to dynamically check if a precise architecture (or a familly of architectures) is supported or not.

I took a look at the procedure display_info()/display_info_table() in bucomm.c but they seems way to complex for what I really want.

Is there a simple way to extract all the capabilities of the current library (including plugins) for the supported architectures of libopcodes (and for the supported executable file formats from libbfd) ?

Emmanuel Fleury

Perhaps there are points which have escaped your Machiavellian
intellect. Let us consider the problem in the light of pure reason.
  -- Sherlock Holmes, The Valley of Fear (A. Conan Doyle)

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