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Re: Put MIPS .mdebug.* sections at address 0

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:
> I've observed prelink problems on MIPS that related to the
> .mdebug.abi32 section being located at address 0x412cb0 and so being a
> SHT_PROGBITS section located after a SHT_NOBITS section, something
> prelink does not expect.
> Logically being at that address should be harmless, since the section
> is unallocated, but prelink isn't designed to work on completely
> arbitrary valid ELF binaries (it needs cooperation from the linker).
> As this section is an unallocated section much like .comment, 0 seems
> like the most appropriate address for it just as .comment is placed at
> address 0; this patch places all the .mdebug.* sections at address 0

Agreed that that sounds like the best fix.

> (I don't know enough about the other MIPS-specific sections to know if
> they should go there as well).

Yeah, we should do it for .gcc_compiled_long* as well.  OK with that change
for trunk and 2.22 branch.


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