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PATCH: PR gold/13505: apply_relocation always use 64bit little endian relocation

Hi Ian,

This patch replaces <64, false> with <size, big_endian> in
apply_relocation.  Tested on Linux/x86-64 and Linux/ia32.  OK to install?


2011-12-15  H.J. Lu  <>

	PR gold/13505
	* target-reloc.h (apply_relocation): Replace <64, false> with
	<size, big_endian>.

diff --git a/gold/target-reloc.h b/gold/target-reloc.h
index 464a3fa..6efcdf4 100644
--- a/gold/target-reloc.h
+++ b/gold/target-reloc.h
@@ -423,17 +423,17 @@ apply_relocation(const Relocate_info<size, big_endian>* relinfo,
 		 section_size_type view_size)
   // Construct the ELF relocation in a temporary buffer.
-  const int reloc_size = elfcpp::Elf_sizes<64>::rela_size;
+  const int reloc_size = elfcpp::Elf_sizes<size>::rela_size;
   unsigned char relbuf[reloc_size];
-  elfcpp::Rela<64, false> rel(relbuf);
-  elfcpp::Rela_write<64, false> orel(relbuf);
+  elfcpp::Rela<size, big_endian> rel(relbuf);
+  elfcpp::Rela_write<size, big_endian> orel(relbuf);
-  orel.put_r_info(elfcpp::elf_r_info<64>(0, r_type));
+  orel.put_r_info(elfcpp::elf_r_info<size>(0, r_type));
   // Setup a Symbol_value for the global symbol.
-  const Sized_symbol<64>* sym = static_cast<const Sized_symbol<64>*>(gsym);
-  Symbol_value<64> symval;
+  const Sized_symbol<size>* sym = static_cast<const Sized_symbol<size>*>(gsym);
+  Symbol_value<size> symval;
   gold_assert(sym->has_symtab_index() && sym->symtab_index() != -1U);

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