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Re: [Patch v2]: Fix ld pr11138 FAILures on mips*.

On 12/10/2011 02:19 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:
David Daney<> writes:
I will wait a couple of days to give Richard a chance to object.

Looks good to me too. Thanks for doing this. I think it should go on the 2.22 branch as well.

FYI, this is what I committed to both MAIN and the 2.22 branch. I fixed the formatting things noted by Alan, and took the liberty of adding a missing "break;" statement.

2011-12-10 David Daney <>

	* elfxx-mips.c (mips_elf_link_hash_table.rld_value): Remove.
	(mips_elf_link_hash_table.rld_symbol): New field;
	(MIPS_ELF_RLD_MAP_SIZE): New macro.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_add_symbol_hook): Remember __rld_obj_head symbol
	in rld_symbol.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_create_dynamic_sections): Remember __rld_map symbol
	in rld_symbol.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_size_dynamic_sections): Set correct size for .rld_map.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_finish_dynamic_symbol): Remove .rld_map handling.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_finish_dynamic_sections): Use rld_symbol to
	calculate DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP value.
	(_bfd_mips_elf_link_hash_table_create): Initialize rld_symbol,
	quit initializing rld_value.

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