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Re: ARM as ... possible bug

On 12/12/11 10:15, Dave Pawson wrote:
Thanks for the explanation Matt.

On 12 December 2011 09:27, Matthew Gretton-Dann
<>  wrote:
On 11/12/11 10:19, Dave Pawson wrote:

strexd r0, r1,r2,[r4]

arm.asm:275: Error: even register required -- `strexd r0,r1,r2,[r4]'
failed, quitting

r1 in your example is the register producing the error.  In ARM state[1] the
first register transferred must be an even numbered register, and the second
register transferred must be the register numbered one higher.

So   strexd r0, r2, r3, [r4] is valid
But  strexd r0, r2, r6, [r4] is not.

The ARMARM describes this in the ARM state encoding specific operations (the
pseudo-code that goes with the ARM state encoding).

<admission>I'm not very good with the p-code</admission>

if ConditionPassed() then
EncodingSpecificOperations(); NullCheckIfThumbEE(n);

EncodingSpecificOperations() means 'execute the pseudo-code that appears underneath the encoding bit pattern'.

So for ARM state strexd encoding this says that if the bottom bit of the first transfer register (Rt) is 1 then the instructions is 'UNPREDICTABLE'.

Take a look at the description for ldrexd where this is documented in a slightly clearer manner.

address = R[n];
// Create doubleword to store such that R[t] will be stored at address
and R[t2] at address+4.
value = if BigEndian() then R[t]:R[t2] else R[t2]:R[t];
if ExclusiveMonitorsPass(address,8) then
MemA[address,8] = value; R[d] = 0;
R[d] = 1;

Sorry Matt, I see nothing there about Rt having to be even numbered?
It's the sort of error that leaves me scratching my head and moaning
about the documentation?
It's quite confusing, appears to me unreasonable.
I can deduce that the two registers must be consecutive (Rt2 not stored in
the instruction) but I find the documentation sadly lacking on this
(distinctly odd) restriction of use?

I hope this helps.



Matthew Gretton-Dann
Principal Engineer, PD Software - Tools, ARM Ltd

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