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Re: [PATCH] MIPS16 TLS binutils support

Chung-Lin Tang <> writes:
> as aforementioned on gcc-patches, we have MIPS16 TLS implemented, and
> here are the binutils parts.
> It's mostly straightforward, adding the analogous TLS relocations and
> cases for MIPS16. I have also added a .tprel[d]word directive, together
> re-arranging the similar code for .dtprel[d]word, which are now used for
> laying out offset values in text for MIPS16 pc-relative loading.
> I'll be posting the GCC parts later on gcc-patches.

Very nice!  This really is as unintrusive as new functionality gets,
so I'd like it to go on the 2.22 branch too, unless there are objections.

> @@ -16580,12 +16600,14 @@ s_cpreturn (int ignore ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
>    demand_empty_rest_of_line ();
>  }
> -/* Handle the .dtprelword and .dtpreldword pseudo-ops.  They generate
> -   a 32-bit or 64-bit DTP-relative relocation (BYTES says which) for
> -   use in DWARF debug information.  */
> +/* Handle the .dtprelword, .dtpreldword, .tprelword, .tpreldword
> +   pseudo-ops.  They generate a 32-bit or 64-bit DTP/TP-relative
> +   relocation (BYTES says which) for use in either DWARF debug
> +   information, or MIPS16 TLS.  */
>  static void
> -s_dtprel_internal (size_t bytes)
> +s_tls_rel_directive (const size_t bytes, const char* dirstr,
> +		     bfd_reloc_code_real_type rtype)

The comment should really mention the new parameters.  How about:

/* Handle a .dtprelword, .dtpreldword, .tprelword or .tpreldword
   pseudo-op; DIRSTR says which.  The pseudo-op generates a BYTES-size
   DTP- or TP-relative relocation of type RTYPE, for use in either DWARF
   debug information or MIPS16 TLS.  */

Also, formatting nit:

  const char *dirstr

OK with those changes, thanks.


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