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Re: [Patch] ld testsuite: Fix some FAILs caused by missing -fpic.

On 12/07/2011 03:24 AM, nick clifton wrote:
Hi David, Daney

How old is "very old" ?

GCC-4.2 and earlier.

If "very old" actually includes any of the 4.x versions of gcc then I
would be inclined to say that a better fix would be to check the gcc
version number and only omit "-fpic" if it is not needed.

That is too much work.

No it's not. See the attached patch for a suggestion of how to do this.

That patch looks fine to me, and since you are a Maintainer, I would encourage you to commit it if you are happy with it.

That said, I think it may be overkill as no sane person would be testing a modern mips binutils with a pre-2.95 GCC.

Although I haven't tested it, supplying -fpic
will not break anything in any GCC version I know about. I think
GCC-2.95 and later should be fine with this, certainly any GCC-4.x and
later compiler can handle -fpic.

If passing -fpic to gcc was not a problem for the mips compiler then why were these special tests added to the linker test harness in the first place ?

I wasn't around when it was created.

Eric Christopher might know.

If neither you nor Eric know, then I think we have to live with the possibility that this information has been lost forever.

David Daney

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