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Re: [Patch] ld testsuite: Fix some FAILs caused by missing -fpic.

On 12/06/2011 02:33 AM, nick clifton wrote:
Hi David,

Since the beginning of time (or at least CVS), there has been special
code in the ld testsuite to omit -fpic from the flags used for building
shared libraries on MIPS. This worked for very old versions of GCC where
the generated code was always PIC by default.

How old is "very old" ?

GCC-4.2 and earlier.

I propose that we remove this special handling and pass -fpic, just as
we do for almost all other targets. Doing this fixes about twenty FAILs.

If "very old" actually includes any of the 4.x versions of gcc then I would be inclined to say that a better fix would be to check the gcc version number and only omit "-fpic" if it is not needed.

That is too much work. Although I haven't tested it, supplying -fpic will not break anything in any GCC version I know about. I think GCC-2.95 and later should be fine with this, certainly any GCC-4.x and later compiler can handle -fpic.

David Daney

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