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Re: [RFC] 2.22 release: Compilation failure for mingw32 target with --enable-targets=all

On 11/26/2011 00:39, nick clifton wrote:
>>  I got no comment on that part of the email back then, and I still
>> don't know if this should be considered as an error in mingw32
>> declarations or if it should be fixed in Binutils sources.
>> I would like to know if this warning should be corrected or not...
> I guess that mingw32 is free to define system headers as it so chooses.
>  If however it is attempting to be POSIX compatible then it should
> follow the POSIX standard for the execvp() function and prototype it as:
>  int execvp(const char *path, char *const argv[]);
> Ie, the binutils are correct and mingw32 ought to be changed.  I suspect
> however that the mingw32 project will not want to change their header,
> so the best compromise would be to fix the binutils.

Before the misinformation spreads, see MSDN docs at:

intptr_t _execvp(
   const char *cmdname,
   const char *const *argv

execvp is an alias to _execvp. POSIX or not, MinGW can't change that
without annoying their target audience.

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