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Commit: Binutils testsuite fixes

Hi Guys,

  I am checking in the patch below to resolve a few unexpected failures
  in the binutils testsuite for various different targets.


2011-11-25  Nick Clifton  <>

	* binutils-all/objdump.exp (cpus): Add MicroBlaze.
	(objdump -WL): Skip this test on MCore, Moxie and OpenRisc

	* binutils-all/objcopy.exp (localize-hidden-1): Expect this test
	to fail on MIPS based targets.

Index: binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objcopy.exp
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objcopy.exp,v
retrieving revision 1.75
diff -u -3 -p -r1.75 objcopy.exp
--- binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objcopy.exp	16 Sep 2011 04:23:19 -0000	1.75
+++ binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objcopy.exp	25 Nov 2011 14:17:50 -0000
@@ -980,6 +980,9 @@ if [is_elf_format] {
+    # The symbol table for MIPS targets is not sorted by ascending value,
+    # so the regexps in localize-hidden-1.d fail to match.
+    setup_xfail "mips-*-*"
     run_dump_test "localize-hidden-1"
     run_dump_test "testranges"
     run_dump_test "testranges-ia64"
Index: binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp,v
retrieving revision 1.30
diff -u -3 -p -r1.30 objdump.exp
--- binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp	7 Oct 2011 20:13:54 -0000	1.30
+++ binutils/testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp	25 Nov 2011 14:17:50 -0000
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ set got [binutils_run $OBJDUMP "$OBJDUMP
 set cpus_expected [list]
 lappend cpus_expected alpha arc arm cris
 lappend cpus_expected d10v d30v fr30 fr500 fr550 h8 hppa i386 i860 i960 ip2022
-lappend cpus_expected m16c m32c m32r m68hc11 m68hc12 m68k m88k MCore
+lappend cpus_expected m16c m32c m32r m68hc11 m68hc12 m68k m88k MCore MicroBlaze
 lappend cpus_expected mips mn10200 mn10300 ms1 msp ns32k pj powerpc pyramid
 lappend cpus_expected romp rs6000 s390 sh sparc
 lappend cpus_expected tahoe tic54x tic80 tms320c30 tms320c4x tms320c54x v850
@@ -203,8 +203,16 @@ if { ![is_elf_format] } then {
 # Test objdump -WL on a file that contains line information for multiple files and search directories.
+# Not supported on mcore, moxie and openrisc targets because they do not (yet) support the generation
+# of DWARF2 line debug information.
-if { ![is_elf_format] || [istarget "ia64*-*-*"]} then {
+if { ![is_elf_format]
+     || [istarget "ia64*-*-*"]
+     || [istarget "mcore-*-*"]
+     || [istarget "moxie-*-*"]
+     || [istarget "openrisc-*-*"]
+     || [istarget "or32-*-*"]
+} then {
     unsupported "objump decode line"
 } else {
     if { ![binutils_assemble $srcdir/$subdir/dw2-decodedline.S tmpdir/dw2-decodedline.o] } then {

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