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[patch,RFC] LD support for powerpc64-freebsd


this one is the third patch for powerpc64-*-freebsd support for binutils. It is for ld.

Here I'd like to thank Alan for answering my questions!

With this patch I'm able to build the ld and run the test suite with only a few failures. Some of them are due to passing -ldl to the build/link which is not needed on FreeBSD.
Others are in the static array area. I'll certainly have a look at these once I understand more. But for the moment I'm satiesfied with the result.

Would you mind giving me here a review and eventually consider this patch for trunk too?


2011-11-20 Andreas Tobler <>

	* (ALL_64_EMULATION_SOURCES): Add powerpc64-*-freebsd
	(eelf64ppc_fbsd.c): Add rules to build this file.
	* Regenerate.
	* configure.tgt: Add target definition for powerpc64-*-freebsd*.
	Adjust powerpc-*-freebsd*.
	* emultempl/ppc64elf.em: Add a mechanism to override the default
	value of 0 for plt_static_chain.
	* emulparams/ (OUTPUT_FORMAT): Override the default.
	* emulparams/ (OUTPUT_FORMAT): Likewise.

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