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Re: [MIPS] Add saa and saad instructions for octeon

On 11/10/2011 09:26 PM, Andrew Pinski wrote:
   This patch adds the saa and saad instructions for Octeon.   They are
not part of the original Octeon but are part of the Octeon+.  We at
Cavium don't feel the need to add a new arch for it since this is the
only difference instruction wise and the original Octeon is no longer
in production.

OK? Tested with a cross binutils to mips64-linux-gnu with no regressions.

Andrew Pinski

PS I don't currently have binutils write access but Cavium has a
blanket copyright assignment on file.

If approved, I can commit it, but really the overseers should turn on commit permissions for you.

David Daney

* config/tc-mips.c (macro): Add support for M_SAA_AB and M_SAAD_AB.
(mips_ip<case '('>): Allow 's' after '('.

* gas/mips/mips.exp: Add octeon-saa-saad.
* gas/mips/octeon-saa-saad.d: New file.
* gas/mips/octeon-saa-saad.s: New file

* mips.h (M_SAA_AB, M_SAAD_AB): New enum values.

* mips-opc.c (micromips_opcodes): Add "saa" and "saad".

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