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Re: msp430 binutils-2.21.1 make install error

Hi Peter,

On Thu, 2011-11-10 at 10:49 -0600, Peter Bigot wrote:
> Please note that msp430 support has been unchanged in GNU binutils
> architectures and machines to be defined.

While I _do_ appreciate your effort and your answer, it
still does not answer my question or solve my problem.
I came here because I think it is a binutils related
problem and not a msp430 problem (or of the msp430

This morning I tried again with some different settings, I
tried to use i586-linux-elf as the target setting (after
looking at the bfd/config.bfd file for more information) :

roelofh@castle:~/build/binutils$ rm -r *
$ /media/data/pcsoftware/mspgcc/binutils-2.21.1/configure
--target=i586-linux-elf --prefix=/opt/mspgcc-453
roelofh@castle:~/build/binutils$ make
<lots of output, no errors>
roelofh@castle:~/build/binutils$ sudo make install
make: *** No rule to make target `configure', needed by `config.status'.

I tried again with a fresh unpacking of the binutils tar.bz2
and did _not_ apply the msp430 specific patches. The result
is the same as above.

So either the error is in front of the keyboard or in the
makefile, I have no idea which one. The error in front of
the keyboard might have some crucial package not installed
but has no clue as to what is missing.

Yesterday evening I tried to compile and install at home on
a different computer and that worked. It's a laptop running
Ubuntu 9.xx. So I compared the configure outputs of both and
the one difference is that the laptop has gawk installed.
Now this computer, the one with the install failures, has that
installed too. (mawk was/is installed on both computers)

> I believe there are packages maintained for debian-based repositories;
> you're probably best simply installing those.

I always, up till now, compiled and installed the toolchain
from source. Except from little errors that I could solve
I have no intention to dive into the complex world of make
files. Even if the error is not in there.


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