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Re: [gold patch] PR gold/13023: Fix problem with assignments to dot in linker scripts

Cary Coutant <> writes:

> 	PR gold/13023
> 	* (Expression::eval_with_dot): Add
> 	is_section_dot_assignment parameter.
> 	(Expression::eval_maybe_dot): Likewise.  Adjust value when rhs is
> 	absolute and assigning to dot within a section.
> 	*
> 	(Output_section_element_assignment::set_section_addresses): Pass
> 	dot_section to set_if_absolute.
> 	(Output_section_element_dot_assignment::finalize_symbols): Pass TRUE
> 	as is_section_dot_assignment flag to eval_with_dot.
> 	(Output_section_element_dot_assignment::set_section_addresses):
> 	Likewise.
> 	* (Symbol_assignment::set_if_absolute): Add dot_section
> 	parameter.  Also set value if relative to dot_section; set the
> 	symbol's output_section.
> 	* script.h (Expression::eval_with_dot): Add is_section_dot_assignment
> 	parameter.  Adjust all callers.
> 	(Expression::eval_maybe_dot): Likewise.
> 	(Symbol_assignment::set_if_absolute): Add dot_section parameter.
> 	Adjust all callers.
> 	* testsuite/script_test_2.t: Test assignment of an absolute value
> 	to dot within an output section element.

This is OK.



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