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[PATCH] Fix sparc 'random' instruction.

It writes to a float, instead of an integer, register.

Committed to trunk.


	* sparc-opc.c (sparc_opcodes): Fix random instruction to write
	to a float instead of an integer register.


	* gas/sparc/hpcvis3.s: Update to use float reg for random insn.
	* gas/sparc/hpcvis3.d: Likewise.

diff --git a/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.d b/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.d
index faa3137..f4606ac 100644
--- a/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.d
+++ b/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.d
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ Disassembly of section .text:
   7c:	95 f9 11 c6 	fnumaddd  %f4, %f6, %f8, %f10
   80:	8f b1 42 26 	addxc  %g5, %g6, %g7
   84:	97 b2 42 6a 	addxccc  %o1, %o2, %o3
-  88:	99 b0 02 a0 	random  %o4
+  88:	8d b0 02 a0 	random  %f6
   8c:	9f b3 42 ce 	umulxhi  %o5, %sp, %o7
   90:	b5 b0 02 f9 	lzd  %i1, %i2
   94:	81 b0 03 7b 	cmask8  %i3
diff --git a/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.s b/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.s
index 8da08f4..9f3ac36 100644
--- a/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.s
+++ b/gas/testsuite/gas/sparc/hpcvis3.s
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 	fnumaddd %f4, %f6, %f8, %f10
 	addxc	%g5, %g6, %g7
 	addxccc	%o1, %o2, %o3
-	random	%o4
+	random	%f6
 	umulxhi	%o5, %o6, %o7
 	lzd	%i1, %i2
 	cmask8	%i3
diff --git a/opcodes/sparc-opc.c b/opcodes/sparc-opc.c
index 5cfb4d5..abd87b6 100644
--- a/opcodes/sparc-opc.c
+++ b/opcodes/sparc-opc.c
@@ -1867,7 +1867,7 @@ SLCBCC("cbnefr", 15),
 { "fnumaddd",	F3(2, 0x3f, 0)|OPF_LOW4(14), F3(~2, ~0x3f, 0)|OPF_LOW4(~14), "v,B,5,H", F_FLOAT|F_FJFMAU, v9b },
 { "addxc",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x011), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x011), "1,2,d", F_VIS3, v9b },
 { "addxccc",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x013), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x013), "1,2,d", F_VIS3, v9b },
-{ "random",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x015), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x015), "d", F_RANDOM, v9b },
+{ "random",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x015), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x015), "H", F_FLOAT|F_RANDOM, v9b },
 { "umulxhi",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x016), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x016), "1,2,d", F_VIS3, v9b },
 { "lzd",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x017), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x017), "2,d", F_VIS3, v9b },
 { "cmask8",	F3F(2, 0x36, 0x01b), F3F(~2, ~0x36, ~0x01b), "2", F_VIS3, v9b },

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