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Re: [PATCH] OMF support for BFD

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 4:54 PM,  <> wrote:
> Another toolchain to consider is Metaware's C++ compiler and the Pharlap
> linker ( and
> My employer uses them for embedded systems
> development, and I've been wanting to move us off to GCC, but lack of OMF
> has prevented that.

Yes, the Pharlap linker features in the MS document I was working
from.  Some of its interpretations of OMF records conflict with the MS
/ Intel definitions, so I would like very much to see some sample
output files, to see if there's a way to auto-detect these variants.

> If you could get me some sample code I may be able to generate some test
> files for you - including a fully located embedded style OMF.

I can't possibly suggest sample code for every possible interesting
corner case, and in the absence of such an omni-example, I can only
ask for variety of files spotted in the wild.

As for the THREAD / FIXUP subrecord issue, I think a C snippet like
below should get those translators that do THREAD, to do so:

/* If possible, declare foo as a "far" function, and compile with
32-bit "large" memory model if using PharLap OMF. */
void foo(void); /* Defined in another translation unit. */
/* void far foo(void)? */

void (*bar(void))(void)
/* void (far *bar(void))(void)? */
  /* Some arbitrary number of calls to the same function to trigger
THREAD-subrecord reloc optimization. */

  return &foo; /* Odd-one-out relocation. */

/* Thanks in advance */

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