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Re: [PATCH] OMF support for BFD

Hi Bernd,

On 19/09/11 03:09, Bernd Jendrissek wrote:
On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 6:25 AM, Hans-Peter Nilsson<> wrote:
On Sun, 18 Sep 2011, Bernd Jendrissek wrote:
Does anybody have access to MASM?  For that matter, Borland's Turbo

You don't mention it, so... wouldn't wasm <> help?

The more, the merrier. In particular, I'm hoping there's an assembler out there (or compiler, for that matter) that "optimizes" relocations by gathering common relocation "targets" (read: addends) into what OMF calls THREAD subrecords of the FIXUPP record. (And then references these THREADs in subsequent FIXUPs instead of specifying the "targets" separately in each FIXUP. Neither NASM nor Turbo Assembler (with DJ's simple test objects) seem to do this.

I posted on your site, but omf is also used on OS/2. Currently OS/2 gcc use a.out but the linker converts to omf on the fly.

Thanks for your work on this - it's interesting to a few OS/2 nerds too :)



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