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Re: Question on use of relro, now, and nodlopen

Jeffrey Walton <> writes:

> I'm [currently] tying binutils to gcc because its difficult to
> determine past binutil version numbers.

I don't understand how the one follows from the other.  The binutils and
gcc are separate projects.

> For example, I believe -relro
> and -now originated around 6/2004 from ld/ChangeLog_2004. The log does
> not state what the version is/was in effect; there does not appear to
> be a Binutils Timeline (similar to;
> and the FTP archives does not list a binutils dated near around
> (
> Would you (or anyone else) have a suggestion? I seem to have reached
> my sluething limit.

The -z now option was added in July 2000, at the same time as -z
nodlopen.  By the way, I suspect that both options were added for
compatibility with the Solaris linker.

Support for -z relro was added in revision 1.113 of elf32.em in May
2004.  The CVS tag history shows that the first binutils release
including -z relro was 2.16.


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