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Re: Question on use of relro, now, and nodlopen

Jeffrey Walton <> writes:

> I did not find -nodlopen mentioned. Does -nodlopen seem to be an
> ancient flag (ie, use GCC_COMPILER), or a relatively new flag (ie, use
> (ie, use GCC40_COMPILER). I understand tuning will probably be
> necessary - I just want to get in the ball park.

The binutils are independent of the compiler.  You can use a new
binutils with an old compiler.

However, to answer your question, -z nodlopen was added 2000-07-19, with
this ChangeLog entry:

2000-07-19  H.J. Lu  <>

	* emulparams/ (PARSE_AND_LIST_ARGS): Removed.

	* ldmain.c (main): Clear link_info.flags and link_info.flags_1.

	* lexsup.c (ld_options): Comment out 'z'.
	(parse_args): Likewise.

	* emultempl/elf32.em: Include "elf/common.h".
	(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Defined. Handle some -z
	(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Likewise.

	* ld.texinfo: Add documentation for the recognized -z options.


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