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Re: objdump segfaults when dumping library with sources (arm-elf / arm-none-eabi)

On 29.07.2011 16:33, Nick Clifton wrote:
>> My main problem is then objdump segfaults when dumping library files.
> Which version of the binutils are you using ?  If you do not have the
> latest release (2.21) or (even better) the mainline development code,
> then it may be that this a bug that has already been fixed.
Sorry that I forgot to add the version I was using. Just my lazyness.

I was trying the original 2.21 release which segfaulted.

Now i've tried the latest snapshot (2.21.53) which seems not being
affected by this problem. I've diffed the sources and saw that much of
the disassembling code (especially the functions calling
get_map_sym_type()) has been re-arranged, probably fixing this problem.

>> In my case it was easily reproducible when executing "arm-elf-objdump -S
>> libc.a".
> The best way to solve this problem is to file a bug report with the
> binutils bugzilla system:
> If you include a test case that can reproduce the problem, that will
> really help.

I will see if I can provide a reliable way to reproduce it, as it seems
to depend on the library I dump. Maybe I can build a simple C File that
produces and object containing this type of debugging symbol that fails.

>> disassembly was missing.
> After that I was able to dump the same library but the
> OK - to go any further though we are really going to need a test case.
> And ideally a bug report in which to keep track of the work done in
> solving the problem.
I will see what I can provide, when I am back at work.


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