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New gas testsuite errors (was Re: [GAS] fix crash on erroneous directive)

> Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 17:40:01 +0100
> From: Nick Clifton <>

> >> You could define a symbol and then use to the right nop depending on the
> >> symbol's value.
> >
> > like this?
> Yes - although it turns out that there are other targets that have nops 
> that take arguments, do not have a nop instruction at all, or do not 
> generate dwarf2 debug information, so the test as you had it needed a 
> little more tweaking.  I have taken care of this however, and checked 
> the result in.

Not sure why you didn't see this when you tested your changes
(for cris-elf but the target seems unimportant):

Running /tmp/hpautotest-binutils/bsrc/src/gas/testsuite/gas/elf/elf.exp ...
ERROR: gas/elf/warn-2.s: unknown dg option: dg-skip-if 2 {DWARF2 output not supported} { mcore-*-* mn10*-*-* moxie-*-* v850-*-* } for " dg-skip-if 2 "DWARF2 output not supported" { mcore-*-* mn10*-*-* moxie-*-* v850-*-* } "

There's no dg-skip-if in binutils (and none in dejagnu-1.4.4.),
that's just in the gcc testsuite...  No obvious patch,

brgds, H-P

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