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Re: tuning ld performance

On Jan 27, 2004, at 3:12 AM, Andy Chittenden wrote:

Unfortunately, I cannot control this as it is added by our outgoing server.

Your company seriously needs to fire its lawyers then.
Adding this disclaimer to the end of *every* message does nothing.
Even if it were a valid contract/license, which it isn't, it wouldn't be meaningful.
It also won't protect privilege if you add it to *every* message, the same way stamping every piece of paper in a corporation with "confidential attorney work product" doesn't make it so.
In short, it is pointless lawyer masturbation.


(I'm a 3rd year law student, this isn't legal advice. See, now *that* I actually have to add when i make statements that might be interpreted as legal advice, and lawyers who include such a disclaimer are just complying with the rules of professional conduct.).

There'll be another one on the end of this message no doubt.

However, as I sent it to the list, you are one of the "intended recipients"
and you are allowed to copy it etc.

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