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RE: tuning ld performance

> Well, unless we know the details what the measurements were done on,
> it is hard to guess.  What options were used during the link, 
> how many input
> files, how many sections on average, what sections were being 
> discarded most etc.

The measurements were taken on a Athlon XP 2600+ with 2Gb of memory.
However, that shouldn't matter as I supplied percentages.

Attached is the modified, make generated command line that I'm using. The
resulting executable comes to 287Mb including debug info, 19Mb stripped. As
you can see we link in a lot of libraries as whole archives and also link
against a number of others to satisfy externals. I've also attached the ld
script as well (well, it's attached here with .txt at the end 'cos of the
vagaries of Windows thinking it's a shortcut).

Just calling that function doesn't cause a performance problem - it's the
fact it goes through that nested loop at the end that does.

> ... stuff deleted.
> FYI did not have merge speedup patches in (unless 
> Debian applied
> it to their release).
> So it would be better to get numbers from or CVS.

OK - trying latest CVS snapshot: now getting message saying that region
area.1 is full (didn't previously). Will have to fix that before I can get
the numbers.


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