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Re: Incremental linking

Simon Kagstrom <> writes:

> I'm currently working on a project where I'd like to link a few
> object files into a linked executable. My platform is Debian
> GNU/Linux x86 and for my problem I'd like to perform incremental
> linking.

GNU ld supports incremental linking, but I don't think it's what
you're talking about:

     Generate relocatable output--i.e., generate an output file that
     can in turn serve as input to `ld'.  This is often called "partial
     linking".  As a side effect, in environments that support standard
     Unix magic numbers, this option also sets the output file's magic
     number to `OMAGIC'.  If this option is not specified, an absolute
     file is produced.  When linking C++ programs, this option _will
     not_ resolve references to constructors; to do that, use `-Ur'.

     This option does the same thing as `-i'.

> Thus, to the question: Are there any plans or anyone working on
> support for incremental linking in GNU ld? I've read a feature
> request from 2002 about this, and am just wondering if someone
> volunteered.

As far as incremental linking (as it is commonly known), why do you
feel you need it?  A bit of work has gone into making ld faster in the
past six months or so and so an upgrade might cure any performance


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