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Re: Undefined reference to init/fini array symbols

On Saturday 24 January 2004 2:59 am, Pragnesh Sampat wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 16:07, Kristian Van Der Vliet wrote:
>> Apologies for the crosspost to both Glibc & Binutils lists.  I am
>> currently porting Glibc 2.3.2 to Syllable (See sig) and have the codebase
>> upto the stage where it attempts to link libc_pic.a  This currently fails
>> with the following errors:
>> ..
>> /home/user/glibc-configure/libc_pic.os(.text+0x596): In function
>> `__libc_csu_init':
>> /home/user/glibc-2.3.2/csu/elf-init.c:54: undefined reference to
>> `__preinit_array_end'
> Did you try --enable-initfini-array option to gcc configure?  I kind of
> remember needing it, but don't recall what exact failures I got.  Don't
> know much about the option though, so I could be off base here.
> -Pragnesh

My understanding is that --enable-initfini-array enables the use of 
init/fini_array within GCC itself but does not effect code generation.  
Certainly neither the copy of Gcc I am using on Linux nor on Syllable were 
configured with --enable-initfini-array.  The problem is that both the GCC 
configure test for init_array & test code I detailed in the last email both 
work fine, so init_array/fini_array etc. are available and work under 
normally work as I would expect; it is just when linking Glibc 2.3.2 that it 


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