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linker relocation of debug information

I've noticed with ld 2.12.1 that sometimes debug information isn't relocated in shared libs. Particularily, I'm seeing that the old relocations still happen with i386 and mips but not with sh, arm or powerpc.

The problem that I'm having is that we're shipping gdb 5.2.1 which doesn't seem to be able to deal with the unrelocated debug info when stepping into shared libs although newer gdbs can. Can anyone give me any information about this? Is debug info relocation deprecated? Am I completely misunderstanding what's going on here?



int blah /* 0x17d8 */;
unsigned int some_global /* 0x17dc */;
int dllfunc ()
{ /* 0x5f4 */
/* file /home/kewarken/61/test/libdll.c line 7 addr 0x5f4 */
/* file /home/kewarken/61/test/libdll.c line 8 addr 0x608 */
/* file /home/kewarken/61/test/libdll.c line 9 addr 0x60c */
/* file /home/kewarken/61/test/libdll.c line 10 addr 0x614 */
} /* 0x62c */

int blah /* 0x17e8 */;
unsigned int some_global /* 0x17ec */;
int dllfunc ()
{ /* 0x0 */
/* file /61/home/kewarken/test/ppc-630/blah/../../libdll.c line 7 addr 0x0 */
/* file /61/home/kewarken/test/ppc-630/blah/../../libdll.c line 8 addr 0x14 */
/* file /61/home/kewarken/test/ppc-630/blah/../../libdll.c line 9 addr 0x18 */
/* file /61/home/kewarken/test/ppc-630/blah/../../libdll.c line 10 addr 0x20 */
} /* 0x38 */

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