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Re: [wip:binutils] Large corefile support

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:
> Andrew Cagney <> writes:
>> A 32-bit BFD has a 32-bit signed file_ptr (limiting SEEK_SET to
>> files up to 2gb).  I think the only robust way of handling files
>> larger than that 2gb is to require a 64-bit file_ptr (and hence
>> --enable-64-bit-bfd).
> It seems to me that we should try to avoid confusing whether the
> target is 64-bits with the size of a file pointer on the host.
> Admittedly the issue is confused now, because file_ptr is typedefed to
> be bfd_signed_vma.  But we don't need to perpetuate the confusion.  I
> think we should define file_ptr to be off_t or off64_t, and then
> consistently use ftello or ftello64 and friends if they are available.
> So I guess I would like to see a bit more to your patch--change the
> definition of file_ptr, too.  Despite the comment, we know how to set
> the type based on host definitions tested by autoconf--see, e.g., the
> handling of BFD_HOST_64_BIT.

If file_ptr is changed to be defined in terms of long/off_t/off64_t
(depending on what's available on the host), it seems worthwhile to
create a bfd_fseek() that wraps fseek/fseeko/fseeko64 (likewise for
bfd_ftell() and ftell/ftello/ftello64) so that conditionals for each
type are isolated in a single place.


J.T. Conklin

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