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Re: objdump always displays LSbytes first irrespective of endianessof target

Thanks for the reply.

Our port uses 'print_insn_normal' which does not touch
info->bytes_per_chunk. I will study the mips/other ports
for inputs and ask if I need any other information.


Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
Shekhar Divekar <> writes:

I am working on a port of binutils with LITTLE ENDIAN target.
In the dump I would like to see MSByte first as it is natural for
little endian m/c. But objdump always displays LSbytes first
irrespective of endianess of target. On further investigation I found
out that this is because in objdump.c:disassemble_bytes 'bpc' is always
initialized to 1, which results in check for 'display_endian' while
producing the dump, useless.

What sources are you using?  In the current sources, bpc is controlled
by info->bytes_per_chunk, and the disassembler is expected to set that

For example, a typical RISC target for which all instructions are 4
bytes would set info->bytes_per_chunk to 4 in the disassembler.  See,
e.g., opcodes/mips-dis.c.


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