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Re: Why my 'ar.exe' and 'ld.exe' does not work with the inlineparameter '@objectslistfile'

Hi Max,

> 	I've build with cygwin the binutils 2.13.2 in windows i.e
> 	"libiberty + libbfd + ld + ar".

Just a quick note - release 2.14 is now out, so you might want to
upgrade.  It will not fix this problem however...

> 	All works fine but I cannot use the follow syntax:
> 	"ar.exe -r  archivefile @objecfileslist"
> 	and 
> 	"ld.exe  ...   @objectfileslist ..." 

Correct.  The GNU binutilities do not support the "@<file-containing-list-of-filename>" 	 
syntax.  They never have.

> 	Why don't work the '@' character in front the filename who
> 	contain the list of the object files to use ?

Basically because it is not needed.  You can achieve the same thing
using the tools that are already available.  For example:

      ar.exe -r archive `cat objectfilelist`

Note the backquote characters (`).  These cause the text between them
to be executed and their output to be substituted in their place.

If you cannot live without support for the "@filelist" syntax please
feel free to develop a patch to add it and then submit the patch to
this list.


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