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RFC: Moving gcc/intl to toplevel; syncing both copies to 0.12.1

In the GCC CVS, the local copy of libintl lives in gcc/intl, and is a
slightly hacked version of gettext 0.10.40, which dates to 2000.  In
the binutils/GDB CVS, the local copy of libintl lives in the top-level
intl directory, and dates to 1998; I do not see a version number

For entirely unrelated reasons I need to put the gcc libintl at the
top level.  I think it would be a good idea to update both copies to
the latest upstream release, that is 0.12.1, at the same time.  I will
need to rewrite the Makefile for that directory nearly from scratch,
and make drastic modifications to the configury, in order to support
building libintl in a directory that is _not_ a subdirectory of the
directory with the code that uses it.  However, I expect that it will
not be necessary to modify the C source code at all.

I'd like to do this today, and commit to both gcc and src CVS
as soon as I've tested it; it is blocking another major change
over in gcc land, which needs to happen this week.  Will this be
okay?  Does anyone know a reason why upgrading to 0.12.1 is a bad idea?


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