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$ in GNU as assembler

-Bstatic & -shared problems

Re: -Bstatic & -shared problems / example

Re: -Bstatic & -shared problems / some solution

-rdynamic and -static

.eh_frame references to discarded sections

.org/.space backwards

16-bit wide ROM

2 problems with ELF visibility

Re: 64 bit compilers for x86-64, ppc, etc.

[applied 2.12-branch mips patch] [was Re: merge to branch]

[applied patch] slight tweak to Eric's recent tc-mips.c change.

[ Re: v8.S dwarf2 eh frame issues again :(]

[Fwd: gas: installing relocations for SEC_MERGE strings]

[Fwd: gdb/520: AIX_CORE_DUMPX_CORE should be defined for AIX5]

Re: [Linux-ia64] epilogue count exceeds number of nested prologues

[MIPS PATCH RFA] Assume that macros won't be generating MIPS-3Dinsns.

[MIPS PATCH RFA] make bfd print ASE flags that readelf prints.

[PATCH RFA] mips testsuite tweaks for new warnings.

[PATCH/RFA] Mark arm-*-netbsdelf* binaries as ELFOSABI_NETBSD

[PATCH/RFA] Print some basic float info in VAX disassembler

[patch] Add gdb.tar rule to top-level

[PATCH] Another .eh_frame fix

[patch] bfd/elfarm-nabi.c ABS16 masks

[PATCH] binutils-2.12 ./bfd/nlmcode.h

[patch] bug in powerpc "dssall"

Re: [PATCH] convert '[' to 'test' in toplevel, take two

[PATCH] Emit MIPS assembler line numbers

[PATCH] Enable -z combreloc by default

[PATCH] Fix --eh-frame-hdr with DW_EH_PE_pcrel personality encoding

[PATCH] Fix off-by-one in elfcore_netbsd_get_lwpid()

[PATCH] Fix R_SPARC_DISP* against hidden symbols in shared libs

[PATCH] objcopy Segmentation fault

Re: [PATCH] PE image checksum

[PATCH] Remove bogus MIPS machine compatibility test

Re: [PATCH] remove last reference to *-*-windows*

Re: [PATCH] remove obselete setting of SYSV in toplevel Makefile

Re: [PATCH] remove unused pic cruft from toplevel

[PATCH] Silence bison warnings

[PATCH] Some MIPS NewABI handling fixes in BFD

[patch] sort unwind sections for elf64-hppa target

Re: [PATCH] toplevel skip unavailable subdirs

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (10) The digits A-F are interpreted as 0-5 (Bernd Herd)

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (11) cut-and-paste typo in warning (Bernd Herd)

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (12) quoted class definitions (Bernd Herd)

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (2) CAPTION sets WS_CAPTION style

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (3) don't print empty CAPTION when decompiling

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (4) sublang shift bug when decompiling

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (6) always define _WIN32

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (7) don't confuse version and STYLE

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (8) print style even if it is 0

Re: [PATCH] windres (ungarbled): (9) encode "\a" as "\b" (Bernd Herd)

[PATCH] windres - FONT statement in DIALOGEX resources

[PATCH] windres bugs - Resubmit

[RFA] Add bfd_get_section_lma to bfd-in.h

[RFA] bfd/elf.c: remove #define _SYSCALL32

[RFA] bfd_close should write if file is writable.

Re: [RFA] config/acinclude.m4 patch (CYG_AC_PATH_TCLCONFIG)

[RFA] config/acinclude.m4 patch (CYG_AC_PATH_TCLCONFIG) (fwd)

[RFA] gas `dep' target overhaul

[RFA] readelf.c support for vector attribute

[RFA] resubmit: change defines to enums

Re: [RFC] Cross-gprof cleanup in gmon_io


Add Indonesian translation

adding sections to elf binary.

addr2line problem on solaris

allow gas to emit duplicate line numbers

alpha testsuite cleanup

Alpha testsuite failures

FW: also here is the output from "objdump" - any idea/help ? - thanks !

bad sh linking error with test case

Bfd patch "Write contents if writeable" patch breaks gas build.

bfd/cpu-powerpc.c problems

Re: binutils & Windows device drivers

binutils for static (pseudo) link on target?

Re: binutils test failure on PPC: Segementation fault in ppc_elf_create_linker_section

binutils test failure on PPC: Segementation fault inppc_elf_create_linker_section

binutils under cygwin?

booke "tlbsx." and "tlbsxe."

Building the GNU Binary Utilities failed for ppc

Can this be right?

Can't build binutils-2.12 on hpux 10.20

Re: Changing GAS for ARM to accept semicolon as a comment character ?

Changing GAS for ARM to accept semicolon as a comment character ?

Re: Changing GAS for ARM to accept semicolon as a comment character?

Code16gcc strings

Committed, CRIS: elf32-cris.c section creation order goof

config.guess change for solaris

Converting Coff to Elf

Re: CORE for which "readelf" and "objdump" fails - second attempt wi th CORE being "gzipped"

cygwin ld import library issue fix (removing unused "_nm_" symbols)

Delete abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Elf Header sh_addr field not according to spec

Embellishing fbsd_* emulations

Empty ARM/THUMB interworking stubs

epilogue count exceeds number of nested prologues

Excude whole libs when building w32 dlls with -export-all

FW: executing (on Solaris 2.7 host machine) "readelf" (binutils-2_12) to (PPC) CORE file causes "segmentation vialation" and core of its own - any idea/help ? - thanks !

Explicit PHDRS and empty sections

Re: extending elf32-i386 BFD backend

Failure in CRIS test

Fix ihex records crossing 64K boundaries

gas and prefix's on x86

Re: Gas Problems

GAS/ia64 testsuite failure

Re: gdb/344: AIX4.3.2.0 build problem c_impl

gprof/sprof and shared libraries...again

Heap management by linker

How to add 'relaxing' to loader for m68k

How to move sales leads up the value ladder

How to summit patches for new cpu platform?

i386-pc-nto-qnx patch

ia64/opc-x test fails

Re: ld i386 differences 2.10.2 / 2.12

ld on hp-ux 10.23

Ld XPASS on Linux/alpha?

Library to assemble from memory

linker SEARCH_DIR order

long branch stubs for powerpc64-linux

LOOK New Free Auction site now open FREE TO BUY & SELL

merge to branch

Re: mips .bss lma broken

mips n32 vs gdb

more elf32/64 problems

more nits

More pcrel fixes for x86-64 gas

Re: move toplevel CC logic into [PATCH]

mpw files in ld/

New Indonesian PO file for `opcodes'

objcopy --redefine-sym does not rename undefined symbols

objdump -D option gives different numbers in different bases

Re: objdump/cygwin crashes on auto-imported libs

ordinal linking for cygwin ld

Overlapping patterns in toplevel

patch for "objdump/cygwin crashes on auto-imported libs" bug

Patch for 32-bit function descriptors in the Assembler

patch from cgd

Patch to improve ld --print-map output

patch, d10v gas

patch, d10v gas merge sections

patch, ld AIX -blibpath -bnolibpath support

patch, xcoff relocate section rewrite.

patch, xcoff static linking

patch, xcoff64 C_FILE auxent

Re: PATCH: eliminate references to gash at top level.

PATCH: Enable libjava for (some versions of) *-*-freebsd*

PATCH: Fix gas mips tests

PATCH: Fix merge for ELF/alpha (Re: PATCH: Handle R_ALPHA_NONE)

PATCH: Fix visibility for MIPS (Re: 2 problems with ELF visibility)


PATCH: Remove _bfd_elf_reloc_type_class

PATCH: Support powerpc-*-windiss

PPC ld test failure

Problem in using OVERLAY (BFD/ld); lma = vma

problem with bfd update from 2001/12/17

problems using gcc-2.95.3/ld-2.12

Problems with windres

Question about ld

readelf: Handle corrupt corefiles

readelf: Remove unused function fetch_location_list()

recent gcc -MM and "make dep"

resend: [PATCH] z8k fixes

revised duplicate-line-number elimination patch

segmentation fault with ld option -R

Set F_VFP_FLOAT for any binary not using FPA instructions

Small gas patch for reading alternate forms of MIPS coprocessorregister names

Re: Small gas patch for reading alternate forms of MIPScoprocessor register names

Software workaround for buggy MIPS CPU

String table optimization?

sync'd ./config with gcc

synced ./ from gcc

syncing ./ from gcc

target (<local symbol>) of a R_PPC_SDAREL16 relocation is in the wrong section (.data)

Re: toplevel simple cleanup

Re: Two memory management questions in BFD - link hash tables

Undef weak ref to _init/_fini causes DT_INIT/DT_FINI in DSO


utility or script to parse map files

want a,m,s,w,x when building gcc-3.1

why there are twice relocations on

windres bug fix

x86 formatting, error message nits

XPASS for hppa-linux?

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