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binutils for static (pseudo) link on target?

I have a new requirement to upload only those portions of a binary file to an
embedded real-time target (MIPS/VxWorks, elf32) that have changed since the last
build.  I am not permitted to make use of dynamic linking or the VxWorks
loadmodule() routines and have no file system.  It would appear that I will be
required to maintain a version of the last binary parsed by elf section, resolve
all relocations against the new binary, upload those sections which have changed
since last build, construct new binary on target using section data, and then
somehow pass control to the newly constructed binary.  This requirement is due
to the extremely long load times (on the order of a week) of statically linked
images.  Does anyone have any feedback on whether binutils would be the best way
of doing this and/or whether any sample code might be around.  Have read bfd
docs and written code to traverse sections, but am unsure of the way to
go--seems like a hell of allot of work.  Thanks all,


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