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Re: ordinal linking for cygwin ld

Martin Hollmichel wrote:

> Maybe you may look to how do the ensure that ordinals 
> keep the same over some time. There's a tool named ldump (located in 
> project tools, modules soltools) which keep's a database to keep the 
> ordinals in track. Maybe this helps.

> at we're able to keep track of about 100 dll, maybe it's 
> usable for 1000 also.

Well, if maintaining the .def files and ordinals is supported *from the 
top* -- as seems to be the case in openoffice -- then it wouldn't be so 
bad.  I was trying to do it, for the cygwin project, "downstream" of the 
actual maintainers of certain unnamed packages 

However, gcc only supports a subset of the .def file language that MSVC 
does, so one would either need to maintain two different .def files, or 
munge the cygwin/mingw one from the msvc one at build time (assuming the 
msvc .def file was maintained by the "real" KDE folks using some tool 
like yours).  OTOH, I've never heard of a mingw or MSVC port of kde, so 
maybe KDE just needs cygwin .def files....


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