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Re: Can this be right?

mike stump <> writes:

|> Can this be right (from src/binutils/src/gas/config/tc-m68k.c):
|> void
|> md_begin ()
|> {
|> [ ... ]
|> #ifdef OBJ_ELF
|>   record_alignment (text_section, 2);
|>   record_alignment (data_section, 2);
|>   record_alignment (bss_section, 2);
|> #endif
|> }
|> ?
|> Surely this is required for a.out also?  I expected ELF to be smarter
|> about alignments making the above unnecessary?  A quick check of other
|> files indicates that elf systems often do this, well, ok, and a quick
|> check of what seem to be aout systems seem to do this as well.
|> If one has:
|> .balign 1
|> .byte 1
|> in 3 files, and then a:
|> .balign 4
|> .byte 2
|> then on an aout m68k system, the `2' comes out on the wrong address.
|> Can we make this unconditional?

I can't remember from the m68k-linux-aout times that this ever was a
problem.  a.out doesn't record any alignment in the object file, so it
shouldn't matter anyway.  Don't know about COFF, but the situation might
be similar.


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SuSE GmbH, Deutschherrnstr. 15-19, D-90429 Nürnberg
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