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RE: linker SEARCH_DIR order

George R. Goffe wrote:

> Yes. I've tried this but I still see configure "talking" about
> /usr/ccs/bin. I'va also tried setting the PATH variable with 
> NO effect. I will NOT remove binaries to get around this problem. I
think configure
> should be fixed. Sigh...

If you look at the script, the search order in your case would be:

    <and more>

so you can install or link your preferred assembler from any of those.
Ditto the linker. It will try /usr/ccs/bin/as before it searches the

These are just simple shell scripts: I'm sure you'd be capable of
modifying the behaviour and submitting a patch yourself.

For what it's worth, --with-as and --with-ld work for me on Solaris 2.8
using CVS GCC 3.1.


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