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How to move sales leads up the value ladder

This week exclusively at, sales veteran Dave Stein shares an excerpt from his soon-to-be-published book, "How Winners Sell." Read "From Where We Sit" at:

(If you like what Dave has to say, you can save 50% off the cover price of his book through our Buyers' Club -- but only until May 15. Check it out:

~~~ NEW files in the Downloads Library:

* A 30-day Evaluation License, that lets prospects try out your software; it's in the Pricing and Licensing section.

* An update of my M&A and IPO tracking spreadsheet. We've got details on 46 companies sold this year, and two IPOs.

* New reports from Corum Group: A summary of Q1 2002 M&A and VC deals, and a look at the enterprise information management software market.

The total list of SoftwareCEO downloads now numbers 57 unique files -- check it out at:

~~~ SOFTWARE tools in the SoftwareCEO Buyers' Club:  

* Save $80 at Digital Contracts -- create personalized, software-specific legal documents online, for just $319 per year.

* Save $90 on Ultimate Employer from KnowledgePoint -- everything you need to manage your workforce, for just $359.

* Save $90 on Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing, a terrific software package from BRS Software; you pay just $210.

* Save $720 on Sales LT from APPower!, guaranteed to help you turn downloads into sales; you pay just $479 for a one-year license.

The total list of SoftwareCEO discounts is now $4,899 -- check it out at:

If you haven't been to the SoftwareCEO site before, there's a quick tour available at: Take the tour -- I'm sure you'll find tons of resources to help your software company work smarter and grow faster.

Best regards,
Bruce Hadley
Founder, SoftwareCEO
Tel: (503) 842-7208
Fax: (503) 212-0256

PS: Know someone who might like Tell them about it, and you could win $10,000. Use this link:

PPS: You got this e-mail because I sincerely believe that is a unique and valuable resource for your business. If I'm wrong, and you'd rather not receive any future news from me, just reply to this e-mail with “REMOVE” in the subject line -- and I apologize for taking up your time.

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