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Re: i386-pc-nto-qnx patch

> "Graeme Peterson" <> writes:
> > Here is a patch for i386-pc-nto-qnx for inclusion in
> > GNU binutils.  Thanks to all for your help.
> > Thanks.
> > Looking forward to any feedback.
> You'll need ChangeLog entries for all these changes.

Mmm.  Wondered about that.  I'll look for info on format, etc...

> Aside from the BFD changes, these changes are similar to the binutils
> port I recently submitted.  However, I think linker configuration is
> superior in my port.  Mine has emulparms/ inheriting
> from and, eliminating duplicate definitions and
> setting things up so that definitions common to all QNX ports can live 
> in one place.

Yes, that sounds better.  It is the emulparms equivalent of what I did
(with help from various and sundry) in the bfd backend.

> Since then, I've split it into and, as the
> ELF interpreter is different in 6.0 and 6.1.  I think it's marginally
> better to set the interpreter in the linker, since that allows the
> same gcc config to target both versions of the OS.  At least this is
> true with my gcc port.

I will have to educate myself here.  Can't comment yet...

> The config triple is i[3456]86-*-nto-qnx* in bfd, and i[3456]86-*-nto* 
> in gas and ld.  These should probably be consistant.  I'd recommend the 
> latter, especially if/when we have to distinguish between versions as
> the master config.guess will return a pattern like i386-pc-nto-qnx6.10.

Yup again.  That looks better.  Consistancy is always good.  I'll make that
change here.

Thanks, J.T.


>         --jtc
> -- 
> J.T. Conklin

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