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problems using gcc-2.95.3/ld-2.12


first of all i apologize for the crossposting, though this is an issue
that isn't pertinent to just gcc or binutils.

i'm having trouble installing/using gcc.  i can build gcc (2.95.3|3.0.4)
and binutils (2.11|2.12) just fine, though something appears to go
seriously wrong when attempting to link.

first of all, some information on the system:

	- gcc 2.96 (from a redhat 7.x distro)
	- glibc 2.2.4 (built using gcc 2.96)
	- binutils (from a redhat 7.x distro)
this system isn't exactly a redhat install, it merely has the compiler and
binutils from a redhat 7.x distro.  the running libc (glibc 2.2.4) was built
using this system.

i'm attempting to replace the 2.96 compiler with an official gcc compiler,
and i'm having all kinds of problems.  here's what i've done:

0)	created some simple source, with which i'll attempt to link to libm
	for no reason:

	int main() {

1)	built and installed gcc 2.95.3
	gcc 2.95.3 can compile source just fine, though when it attempts to
	link (using ld from binutils-, i get the following error:

		/lib/ indirect symbol '__libc_internal_tsd_set' to
		'__libc_internal_tsd_set@@GLIBC_2.0' is a loop
		/lib/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation
	so, thinking that binutils relies on the gcc build in some way, i:

2)	built and installed binutils 2.12
	now when i try to link, it links, but i get a BFD assertion failure:

		BFD 2.12 assertion fail elf-strtab.c:262
	it links, but segfaults when i attempt to execute the binary.
	it segfaults immediately after closing the file descriptor
	of libc.

i get similar dead-end results with gcc-3.0.4 as well as binutils-2.11.2
in all combinations.  someone please tell me what im doing wrong.  =(

thanks much in advance,


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