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Re: [RFA] bfd/elf.c: remove #define _SYSCALL32

Joern Rennecke wrote:
> P.S.: I've just tried a native solaris 2.8 build with this
> patch, and it failed.  When compiling elf.c, it is missing
> the types prstatus32_t and elfcore_psinfo32_t .
> The problem is that autoconf made its decisions with a test
> defining _SYSCALL32, and then elf.c got compiled without that
> define.  Now, for the native build, if I add -D_SYSCALL32 to
> the gcc invocation, it succeeds.
> Should we use a different test for _SYSCALL32 when doing a
> native build?
> Or should we guard the uses of _SYSCALL32 specific types
> by tests of HAVE__SYSCALL32 as well as tets of the type-specific
> macros?
> Or should we decide early on if we are going to use _SYSCALL32,
> and then define / not define it accordingly in the sys/procfs.h
> type tests?

It needs to be defined if and only if your target is
64-bit Sparc Solaris.  Although actually, I'm not sure
why the define was giving you trouble in the first place.

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