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allow gas to emit duplicate line numbers

GDB uses duplicate line numbers to detect the end of the prologue.
GCC would carefully emit them... and gas was stripping them out.

I don't believe this patch will significantly affect the size of the
debug info for assembler source, because having multiple instructions
on a line is rare.

I tested this by running the GAS and GDB testsuites on

OK to commit?

Geoff Keating <>

===File ~/patches/gas-duplineno.patch=======================
2002-04-12  Geoffrey Keating  <>

	* dwarf2dbg.c (dwarf2_gen_line_info): Do emit duplicate line
	numbers, gdb relies on them to detect the start of the prologue.

Index: dwarf2dbg.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/gas/dwarf2dbg.c,v
retrieving revision 1.44
diff -p -u -p -r1.44 dwarf2dbg.c
--- dwarf2dbg.c	4 Dec 2001 23:07:26 -0000	1.44
+++ dwarf2dbg.c	12 Apr 2002 19:31:05 -0000
@@ -237,10 +237,6 @@ dwarf2_gen_line_info (ofs, loc)
   if (loc->filenum == 0 || loc->line == 0)
-  /* Don't emit sequences of line symbols for the same line. */
-  if (line == loc->line && filenum == loc->filenum)
-    return;
   line = loc->line;
   filenum = loc->filenum;

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