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Re: Changing GAS for ARM to accept semicolon as a comment character ?

> Hi Guys,
>   GAS for the ARM currently supports ';' as a line separator character
>   and '@' as a line comment character.  Would anyone object to my
>   changing this so that ';' was also a line comment character and
>   dropping the support for multiple instructions on a single line ?
>   (Or else choosing a different character for a line separator).
>   The reason is for compatibility with ARM's assembler which uses ';'
>   as the comment character.  (It would be nice to drop '@' as a
>   comment character since this is used in ELF .section directives, but
>   I suspect that there is far too much ARM assembly code out there for
>   this to be feasible).
> Cheers
>         Nick

This would silently break any file that relied on it.  In particular, I 
believe ';' is the only supported statement separator, so I think removing 
it would make #define macros in assembly files that need to generate more 
than one statement impossible.

It would certainly break NetBSD's support code.


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