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binutils test failure on PPC: Segementation fault inppc_elf_create_linker_section

Trying HJ's latest binutils which are based on CVS from 2002-04-08 I
get this failure in the testsuite on PPC:

Running /usr/src/packages/BUILD/binutils- ...
FAIL: S-records

The problem is a segmentation fault in ld:
# /usr/src/packages/BUILD/binutils-  -o tmpdir/  -Ttext 0x1000 --oformat srec tmpdir/sr1.o tmpdir/sr2.o
Segmentation fault

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
ppc_elf_create_linker_section (abfd=0x1007cce0, info=0x10069320, which=LINKER_SECTION_SDATA) at ../../bfd/elf32-ppc.c:1543
1543      lsect = elf_linker_section (dynobj, which);
(gdb) bt
#0  ppc_elf_create_linker_section (abfd=0x1007cce0, info=0x10069320, which=LINKER_SECTION_SDATA) at ../../bfd/elf32-ppc.c:1543
#1  0x0ff9d804 in ppc_elf_add_symbol_hook (abfd=0x1007cce0, info=0x11, sym=0x7ffff278, namep=0x7ffff2a8, flagsp=0x7ffff2ac, secp=0x1007cce0, valp=0x10069320)
    at ../../bfd/elf32-ppc.c:2550
#2  0x0ffa3f04 in elf_link_add_object_symbols (abfd=0x1007cce0, info=0x10069320) at ../../bfd/elflink.h:1880
#3  0x0ffa21d4 in bfd_elf32_bfd_link_add_symbols (abfd=0x11, info=0x10069320) at ../../bfd/elflink.h:234
#4  0x1000a004 in load_symbols (entry=0x1007cce0, place=0x7ffff3f8) at ../../ld/ldlang.c:1574
#5  0x1000aba4 in open_input_bfds (s=0x1006a338, force=false) at ../../ld/ldlang.c:1972
#6  0x1000dfc8 in lang_process () at ../../ld/ldlang.c:4178
#7  0x100111f4 in main (argc=268946656, argv=0x100424e8) at ../../ld/ldmain.c:425
#8  0x0fe18ce4 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/

(gdb) p dynobj
$1 = (struct _bfd *) 0x11

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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