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Re: Embellishing fbsd_* emulations

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 05:00:53PM -0700, Geoff Keating wrote:
> > Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:31:52 -0700
> > From: "David O'Brien" <>
> > Now that I have my set of emulations (fbsd_*) to play with, I would like
> > to set i_ehdrp->e_ident[EI_OSABI] = ELFOSABI_FREEBSD and add a
> > .note.ABI-tag section.  How would I do that [using ld/emulparams/*]?
> You really don't want to do the first one.

We REALLY do not want to get off on this topic again.  It has been the
topic of a few quite heated threads.  I thought the result was that most
did not like setting e_ident[EI_OSABI], however they would tolerate it
as long as it did not affect their platform.  The FreeBSD toolchain
knowledgeable people really like e_ident[EI_OSABI]; and we will continue
to use it for the foreseeable future.

I modify Binutils to set e_ident[EI_OSABI] = ELFOSABI_FREEBSD when I pull
them into FreeBSD.  I would like to have to do less customization.  We
*MUST* have this set as the +&)^#$)# idiots that defined the gABI stuck
their heads in the sand and pretended static binaries do not exist.  Thus
we have coded our elf image loader to depend on the  e_ident[EI_OSABI]

Yes I know Linux does not set it, yes I know Linux uses a .note.ABI-tag
section.  In fact Linux binary compatibility is the reason we had to
start to use e_ident[EI_OSABI] -- which pre-dates Linux's use of
.note.ABI-tag.  Linux does not have to run any non-Linux static ELF
binaries -- there are none for Solaris and I don't believe any other CPU
vendor is ELF.  No the FreeBSD kernel does not obey .note.ABI-tag at this
time.  We are also serious considering changing our ABI and will need to

-- David  (

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