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[Fwd: gas: installing relocations for SEC_MERGE strings]

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Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 17:18:20 +0100
From: Joern Rennecke <>
Organization: SuperH UK Ltd.
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Subject: gas: installing relocations for SEC_MERGE strings
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adjust_reloc_syms avoids installing relocations for SEC_MERGE

         /* Never adjust a reloc against local symbol in a merge section
            with non-zero addend.  */
         if ((symsec->flags & SEC_MERGE) && fixp->fx_offset)
             symbol_mark_used_in_reloc (fixp->fx_addsy);
             goto done;

But the relocation is then still installed in fixup_segment:
                   if (TC_FIX_ADJUSTABLE(fixP))
                     add_number += S_GET_VALUE (add_symbolP);


       if (!fixP->fx_done)
         md_apply_fix3 (fixP, & add_number, this_segment_type);

This causes c-torture/execure/string-opt-[56].c to fail, since the 
difference between the section start and the string start is added twice 
into the source address of memcpy where a source like "vwxyz"+1 was 
specified in the source code.

I can fix this for now in TC_FIX_ADJUSTABLE in tc-sh.h, but I wonder if
any target actually wants these fixups to occur, or if we would be 
better off to change the condition above to
if (! symbol_used_in_reloc_p (fixP->fx_addsy)
     && TC_FIX_ADJUSTABLE(fixP))
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