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Re: [PATCH] binutils-2.12 ./bfd/nlmcode.h

Hi GŁnter,
> here's a patch against binutils-2.12 ./bfd/nlmcode.h which fixes a
> bug in nlmconv not writing correct NLM headers (copyright tag is not
> shown with NetWare 4.x and up). We use this patch now since
> binutils-2.9 without any problems; but it would be nice to have it
> in the sources now. The patch was already sent in ~ Nov 2000, but
> didnt made it into the sources for whatever reason.... 
> hopefully this time...

Thanks very much for submitting this patch.  I would be prepared to
accept it, apart from a couple of small problems, which I hope we can

  1. The patch contains a copyright notice assigning copyright to
     Gabor Keresztfalvi.  The FSF cannot accept the patch unless the
     copyright is assigned over to it.

     Note - normally in order to accept any kind of submission a
     special copyright assignment form has to be completed as well,
     but exceptions can be made in the case of simple, obvious patches.
     I am prepared to do this in this case, since the patch could also
     have been submitted in words - "swap the order of the MeSsAgEs and
     CoPyRiGhT tags".  But, the copyright notice at the start of the

       # (c) Nov-2000 by Gabor Keresztfalvi <>

     still needs to be resolved.  Since the patch explicitly includes a
     copyright notice, the patch belongs to Gabor.  He needs to
     explicitly assign the copyright to that patch over to the FSF
     before the FSF can accept it.

  2. Patches need a ChangeLog entry to say what has changed.
     Something very simple like this should do:

     2002-04-09  Gabor Keresztfalvi <>

	* nlmcode.h (nlm_swap_auxiliary_headers_out): Swap order of
	MeSsAgEs and CoPyRiGhT tags in order to work with NetWare
	NW4.x and NW5.x loaders.


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