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utility or script to parse map files

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if there is a utility or script that can parse map files to
extract some selected sections ( the ones in rom)  and put them into a
format acceptable by a linker script.

the problem came about this way : the monitor program for my embedded
application runs out of rom and has many of the functions that are required
by applications that i can download to ram with gdb. Those applications if
they do not have a linker script that tells of the location of the functions
in rom ,takes them from the library and places them in ram using up more ram
than I have on this board.

Even small applications can take pages of functions that would have to be
entered manually into the linker script for that application. A script would
extract the name and address of functions in rom from the map file of the
monitor program and put them in a format that can be merged with the linker
script of the application.

I looked in the site for such a utility or program but could not
find anything. Is there a better way or have I missed something?

thank you


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