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Re: Elf Header sh_addr field not according to spec

>> >It was likely a binutils bug, now fixed.  Probably nothing to do with gcc,
>> >but you used a different version of binutils for each of your gcc versions.

>> I wasn't using binutils to see this discrepancy between what is in the
>> section header and what the ELF spec says should be in there.  I can see
>> the problem through bit dumps of the ELF executable.  Since this is not
>> a problem with binutils, do you know of a better place to ask my question.

>No, what Alan (?) said was that you probably used a different version
>of the linker to create the ELF executable.  The later behavior is
>correct and current; if you want the .debug_abbrev information, you
>need to get it out of the .debug_info CU headers.  There's at least
>SGI's libdwarf and some code in readelf or gdb to help you do this.

Upon further study of the 2.9 binaries we generated, the problem is likely some
linker scripts we were using.  We will look into fixing those scripts to see
if we can massage the 2.9 generated binaries into compliance with the ELF spec.


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