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"--gstabs and certain file names cause assembler error messages"

"Undefined symbols"

/usr/bin/ld: bfd assertion fail elf32-i386.c:1816

0x0C characters is objdump.c

[ A serious bug of "ld --enable-auto-import"]

Re: [ A serious bug of "ld --enable-auto-import"]

Re: [ECOS] [Linux Binutils] fails to link eCos program

[Fwd: Patch, aix import symbols in archives]

[Linux Binutils] fails to link eCos program

[patch] *-dis.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] Add floatformat types

Re: [PATCH] Add MIPS R10000 performance counter opcodes

[patch] aix ld import symbols

[PATCH] Alpha support for -z combreloc

[patch] bfd aix xty_ld symbols

[PATCH] Code cleanup in tc-mips.c

[PATCH] Code cleanup in tc-mips.c, addendum

[patch] djgpp dwarf2 fix

Re: [PATCH] don't return zero too early in elf_sort_sections

[PATCH] Fix -z combreloc

[PATCH] Fix bfd ABI string for MIPS

[patch] Fix bfd config problem on aix

[PATCH] Fix check for 64bit support in MIPS gas

[PATCH] Fix distinction of 32/64bit addresses in MIPS gas

[PATCH] Fix handling of R_MIPS_PC16 relocations

Re: [PATCH] Fix MIPS disassembler's register names output

[PATCH] Fix MIPS ELF64 relocation howtos

[patch] Fix typo in libiberty/floatformat.c:floatformat_ieee_double_littlebyte_bigword

[PATCH] Formatting fixes in gas/config/tc-mips.c

[PATCH] gas/config/tc-mips.c: use defines instead of magic constants

Re: [PATCH] gas/config/tc-mips.c: use defines instead of magicconstants

[PATCH] Include alloca.h for bfd

[PATCH] Let readelf detect EF_MIPS_32BITMODE

[PATCH] Let readelf recognize EF_MIPS_UCODE

[PATCH] Limited export of dynamic syms (elf32)

Re: [PATCH] MIPS gas: Allow simultan use of -mpu amd -mipsX again

[PATCH] One more MIPS gas testcase


[PATCH] Set MIPS n32 ABI flag in ELF header

[PATCH] Set STT_FUNC symbol sizes in .endp directive on IA-64

Re: [PATCH] some small z8k fixes

[PATCH] Support %higher and %highest in MIPS gas

[PATCH] Support -z combreloc in binutils

[PATCH] Support -z combreloc in binutils (take 2)

[patch] tc-mips.c: Fix a comment typo.

[PATCH] testsuite fixes for mips64el-elf

[patch] windres

Re: [Patch]: Fastcall support

[PATCH]: Fix and improve linker scripts for HC11/HC12

[RFA:] Make ld/emultempl/generic.em a little bit more generic

[rfa] Change lbasename() to return ``const char *''

Re: [RFA] pei386 dll: auto-import patch

[rfc] Add some more floatformat types ....

Re: [RFC]: Improvement in binutils man page generation


ABI ????

aix.em fix

Re: Allow current CVS libbfd to build with cc on Tru64 UNIX V5.1

Re: Always use _bfd_elf_link_hash_table_create

another tweak to ld padding

archives with foreign object files

Re: BFD configuration for AIX


Binutils 2.11 and BSDI 4.2

Re: Binutils 2.11 and BSDI 4.2 - **BUG**

binutils patch

Changing default memory segments

combreloc patch for m68k

combreloc patches for s390, s390x, ppc

Combreloc patches for SH, Arm, CRIS

config.bfd fix

De su interes

Debugging ld

Does -march=r5000 imply HAVE_32BIT_GPRS?

Re: Does -march=r5000 imply HAVE_64BIT_GPRS?

Re: Does mips gas support dwarf2?

elf_link_hash_entry vs generic_link_hash_entry

equivalent to '-fini' and '-init' for Sun ld?

Extra line of text added to binutils web page

File with most warnings: opcodes/h8500-opc.h

Finding default target size

Finding dwarf2 abbrev_offsets after multi-object ld -r

fix for fixup_segment / MD_PCREL_FROM_SECTION

Re: Fix for s390_elf_cons.

Fix gas warning for ppc

Fix prototype warnings in bfd/elf64-x86-64.c

Fix warnings in gas/config/tc-s390.c

Fix warnings in pe targets

formatting fixes

freshmeat project listing for binutils

fx_offset Population

gas addressing mode syntax (arm)


gas/ia64 bug: .align drops stop bit

H8 assembler changes

H8 ELF PCREL relocs

H8 ELF specific linker

h8-elf port: New file include/elf/h8.h

h8300-elf port: gas patches

h8300-elf: bfd patches checked in

h8300-elf: ld patches checked in

h8300-elf: newlib patches checked in

Help: linking a dll which uses runtime symbol on cygwin

how to build binutil?

Re: How to generate diffs on binary file from CVS?

I wanna change the binutils

increasing ld NOP to 4 bytes

Re: input section ordering

ld --verbose output

ld is broken for beos.

Ld is broken on ia64

ld lang_statement_union lists


link script updates for .jcr

linker hanging

m68k fix request for 2.11.x release branch

MCS-51 (8051/8052/8252/..) port

Minor H8 linker updates

Re: mips binutils after 2001-08-03 build incorrect kernel

Re: MIPS pseudo-insns and Re: Patch to add -mfp32 support to MIPS gas

MIPS pseudo-insns and Re: Patch to add -mfp32 support to MIPSgas

Re: MIPS pseudo-insns and Re: Patch to add -mfp32 support toMIPS gas

MIPS R3900 'bgt' with gcc 3.0/binutils 2.11.2

mips-nec-sysv4.2MP: unrecognized option -Kopt=1

mips32 support

mips: free up bits in insn_isa_mask

mipsisa32 checkin

Missing .cprestore warning

Missing LD for AIX4.3.3 on RS6000

missing prototypes bfd/

Missing variable 'pe_data_import_dll'

mn10300 bfd: test bfd type, not elf type, when following reloc link

More H8 assembler changes

More H8 ELF infrastructure

More H8 infrastructure

Re: More problems with MIPS gas relocations

More prototypes for binutils/*

more prototypes in bfd/

More warning fixes

NetBSD and 2.11.2

New .section Flag

New branch instructions for s/390.

New objcopy option: --alt-machine-code


opcodes/ppc-opc.c change.

PACTH: Update readelf testcase

Parse error in cross compling for mips

patch : aix ppc partial link fix

Patch for warning in stabs.c

Patch ld saved_script_handle

Patch, aix import symbols in archives

PATCH: Add bfd_sprintf_vma/bfd_fprintf_vma

PATCH: Add the missing prototype

PATCH: Avoid setting the bogus section symbol index.

PATCH: elf32-mips.c: Report filename with bad relocation.

PATCH: Fix bfd.c (Re: Tracking down a build breakage)

PATCH: Fix gas/sparc/unalign.d for Sparc V9

PATCH: Fix the mips dynamic relocation for weak definiton.

PATCH: Fix the mips linker with weak definitions

PATCH: Fix typo in elf32-mips.c

Re: PATCH: ld/testsuite/ld-cdtest to handle g++ 3.0 and beyond

Re: PATCH: ld/testsuite/ld-srec to handle g++ 3.0 and beyond

PATCH: more cross cores

Re: PATCH: More mips3264 support

Re: Patch: objdump.c

PATCH: Return error in readelf.c

PATCH: Support ELF64 on 32bit hosts

PATCH: Update bfd/ for elf32-h8300

PATCH: Update cris testcase

PATCH: Update mips testsuite

PATCH: Update nm.c for 64bit BFD on 32bit ELF files.

PATCH: Use Replace printf_vma with bfd_printf_vma.

pe breakage

Re: Possible ARM binutils/gcc errors...

powerpc64-linux infrastructure 1 of 6

powerpc64-linux infrastructure 2 of 6

powerpc64-linux infrastructure 3 of 6

powerpc64-linux infrastructure 4 of 6

powerpc64-linux infrastructure 5 of 6

powerpc64-linux infrastructure 6 of 6

Re: ppc64 binutils

ppc64 patches

Problem with objdump -x on sparc32

FW: problems with objcopy

prototype gprof/

Prototype of __rtinit.rtl in include/coff/xcoff.h?

prototypes & warning fixes for opcodes

prototypes binutils/

Prototypes for binutils/sysdump

prototypes gas/

prototypes ld/

prototypes opcodes/

Q: gcc with binutils ld?

Re: Q: gcc with binutils ld? (kind of summary)

Q: library - explicit definition of exported symbols?

Q: wrapper for malloc - possible?

Question: the differences between -mabi=xxx and -32/-64 in the mips gas

Re : Re : I wanna change the binutils

recent config.sub/config.guess checkin

Relocatable executables

Re: Relocation overflow with binutils-

Re: rhgdb and dwarf2 oddity

RTEMS patch for binutils 2.11.2 and main trunk

Small? request for ld --gc-sections

some more prototype fixes for bfd/*

Some more prototypes

Some prototype fixes for bfd/*

Some Prototypes for ld/*

Some prototypes for opcodes/*

some questions about gprof

Some warning fixes for bfd/*

Some warning fixes for opcodes

spelling fixes for include/coff/internal.h

Strange code in tc-mips.c

Re: strip dumps core

symbolic register names for MIPS

Target word and hword sizes

Teledirekt Nederland SoftwareNieuws | Juli 2001

Tidy elf32.em a little.

Tracking down a build breakage

Re: traditional mips vs. little endian?

turn on -relax by default for ia64

typo fix

Re: Unable to grant CVS write access

Re: undefined variable 'pe_data_import_dll'

undefined versioned symbol name

Re: undefined versioned symbol name (me too) <-- ld bug??

Unreviewed gas patch for O32 ABI support on MIPS IRIX 5/6

Re: vax gas

What's the problem of objdump386?

Why does ELF/alpha put none-text relocations in .rela.text?

Why does mips define elf_backend_sign_extend_vma to true?

Why is gprof not build cross?



x86-64 combreloc patch

Yet more warning fixes.

Your change to MAX_GPREL_OFFSET

Z80 and Z380 port

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