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Re: [PATCH] Support -z combreloc in binutils

Jakub Jelinek <> writes:

> Hi!
> This patch adds support for ld -z combreloc, which instead of creating usual
> zillions of .rel* resp. .rela* sections just creates one big (in addition to
> .rel.plt/.rela.plt or PLT-like rela section) .rel.dyn resp. .rela.dyn
> section with all dynamic relocations.
> This section is sorted if possible by increasing r_offset, with the
> exception that if there are multiple relocs against the same symbol, they
> are grouped together (which allows the dynamic linker to have a single entry
> cache for symbol lookups).
> In addition to this, it sets DT_RELCOUNT resp. DT_RELACOUNT dynamic tag in
> the way Solaris linker uses it (and compatible to the Solaris way, which is
> IMHO broken - R_*_RELATIVE symbols come last, not first), so that if a
> library has l_addr 0, all the R_*_RELATIVE relocs can be skipped for free.
> I tried to implement this so that only minimal changes in elf backends are
> needed (each backend just needs to provide function which categorizes reloc
> types: relative, plt, copy relocs or other relocs).
> Also, it reserves a few entries for use in prelinking, but user can disable
> this (this is necessary for DT_REL*COUNT too, since I don't want to create
> it if no relative relocs are found).

Shouldn't combreloc be the default - at least on glibc platforms?
After changing the dynamic linker to cache the last value used for
relocation, this option would speed up relocations at system start up.

Thanks for a great patch,
 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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