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2.10.1 versus 2.10.9x

Re: 2.11 branched

2_11 branch configuration changes for new FreeBSD platforms

Re: ["Maciej W. Rozycki" <>] Digested Articles

Re: [2.11 branch]: Failures for armv4l-unknown-linux-gnu

[2nd request for approval]

[checked in patch] MIPS: don't test ELF features on non-ELF targets.

[checked in patch] MIPS{32,64} insn tests shouldn't be ELF-specific

[Fwd: windres issue...]

[patch] [2nd try] new opcodes for Coldfire V4

[patch] BROKEN expression evaluation

[patch] elf-m10200.c: FIx formatting.

[patch] elf-m10300.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] endianness fixes for the ld testsuite

[PATCH] Fix handling of R_SPARC_UA32 relocation

[patch] forwarded exports for dlltool

[patch] gas/ChangeLog

[patch] gas: Fix selection of formats/files from emulations for MIPS

[Patch] gprof.texi fix

[patch] Improved GAS doc for COFF .section pseudo op

[patch] ld/ChangeLog

[Patch] opcodes update for Coldfire V3 and new instructions for Coldfire V4

[patch] RS/6000 fixes

[patch] rs6000-core.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Skip STT_FUNC symbols when looking for common definitions

[patch] tc-pdp11.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] to bfd: ranlib the libbfd.a in the build directory

[patch] to binutils: build problem: no type-cast on the left side of =

[patch] to binutils: clean up after unwind-ia64.c author

[patch] to opcodes: ranlib the libopcodes.a in the build directory

[patch] trivial non-ELF gas/config/tc-mips.c fix.

[patch] update mips la-empic (ecoff) testcase for change to opcodes.

[patch] vms-misc.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] vms.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] vms.c: remove unreachable code

[PATCH]: Cleanup in gas/config/tc-m68hc11.[ch]

[PATCH]: Fix 2 gas testsuite failures for 68HC11/68HC12

[PATCH]: New test for Gas 68HC11, check Motorola spec compliance

Re: [patches] Bugsquatting for the sledgehammer

Re: [patches] Misc patches to x86-64 relocations

Re: [patches] x86_64 PIC fix

Re: [RFA:] Override AM_PROG_LEX in binutils/acinclude.m4

[RFA]: Fix gas mri.exp test for 68HC11/68HC12

[RFA]: Fix ld testsuite for 68HC11/68HC12

[RFA]: Fix perf pb in gas/decode_local_label_name

[ GAS i386 jmp generator .arch compliance [PATCH]]

Re: [tv] Patch: change bfd_target_vector to a pointer

[tv] Patch: fix usage of ctype macros in gas/config/tc-m68k.c

about .code16

about .interp


Re: add vtable relocs for Alpha

Adjusting value of _SDA_BASE_

ARM asm accepts bogus PLD instructions

ARM Thumb byte stores

BFD, alignment of common symbols

BFD: how to obtain Dynamic Section ?

binutils and newlib for powerpc-ibm-eabi with gcc-2.95.2

Binutils on 4.2

Re: binutils patch

binutils patch to restore IA-64 EFI support

binutils version on branch and mainline?

binutils-010205 fails to build

binutils-010212: possible bug with gas + arm-unknown-elf + dwarf2 lineno

Re: bug in /usr/bin/strings

Re: bug in gnu-as 2.9.5 and later ?

Re: Bug with "n" Flag of .section Directive

Bugsquatting for the sledgehammer

Can anyone briefly explain elf32-mips.c and how it handles rel relocs? (NT).

Can't get ASSERT() to work in ld script.

Changelog for BFD patch (AIX/IA-64)

Re: coff dwarf2 fix

COFF problems

Re: Cosmetic change to src/configure

Could anybody please take care of Coldfire patch I sent last week.

Did the CVS checkout procedure change?

Re: Does CVS ld now *require* -oformat=binary: breaks Linux kernel compile


Duplicated debug information in linked images

ecoff.c bit rot?

Re: efficient memory access from assembly

elf32-hppa.c cosmetic update

Extended Power mnemonics crnot, crset, crclr, crmove

Fix a couple of RTEMS target configure problems

Fix elf64-x86-64.c reloc calculation

Fix gas for x86-64

Fix Irix core dumps

Fix relocation bug

Fix seg fault introduced by ia64 unwind code.

GAS .debug_abbrev fix

Re: GAS i386 jmp generator .arch compliance

gcc 2.95.2 -finstrument-functions problem

GCC snapshots + binutils 2.11 CVS won't bootstrap on FreeBSD 2.2.7

GNU ld default script

Re: GNU/Linux vs. libtool --no-undefined

handling of `ldrt' in ARM gas

Has anyone run "make check" on ia64?

How to determine cause of ld testsuite failures?

how to get rid of __main

How to port the binutils to new target ?

hp gas internal error

hppa unwind broken for cross-assemblers

I checked in a patch for libcoff-in.h

IA-64 gp problem with PROVIDE and linker relaxation conflict

IA-64 unwind dump support for "readelf"

The ia64 linker problems.

An ia64 patch for ld testsuite

Re: ia64 status

ia64 status?

Interest in PDP-11 port?

IPA changes to ld

Is cross building for x86-64 broken in the 2.11 branch?

Re: ld sometimes hangs

linker functionality

Linker relaxation

Making a symbol dynamic in executable

Memory corruption handling x86 relocs

MIPS embedded PIC bug.

Misc patches to x86-64 relocations

more on Re: sh-rtems and dwarf

My ia64 patches are bad

need assistance regenerating configure scripts

Nevermind (Re: Is cross building for x86-64 broken in the 2.11 branch?)

Nevermind (Re: need assistance regenerating configure scripts)

new gas cannot grok new gcc output

New gdb 31 & 64 bit patches for S/390

Re: next release

Objcopy and binary files

Obvious Fix rule

Odd error message from as

Re: Odd restriction on ARM LDRD/STRD instruction

OK to check in IA-64/AIX5 changes to 2.11 branch?

Old PLT in elf64-alpha via ld --traditional-format?

PATCH [Re: unexpected behaviour of ld with --start-group]

PATCH AIX5.0 for IA64 support

A patch for binutils testsuite

A patch for elf32.em (Re: GNU/Linux vs. libtool --no-undefined)

A patch for ia64 testcases

Re: PATCH for m68k port

Patch for x86-64: Fix order of relocs

PATCH gas for AIX5 on IA-64

PATCH ld for AIX5 on IA-64

A patch to fix COFF

A patch to fix ELF symtab alignment

Patch to ignore invalid symbol section index.

A patch to implement ia64 cmp/cmp4 pseudo-ops.

A patch to only warn undefined symbol in DSO to be built

A patch to opcodes/ for ia64-asmtab.c

A patch to remove armelf_linux26

Patch to speed up relaxation

Patch: Problem with "make check" in ld on ia64.

PATCH: Warning for unknown PE section flags.

Re: Patches for Borland TDS debugging info

Re: Patches for Borland TDS debugging info [This time with the files]

Re: PDP-11 port

PDP-11 port: bfd (1/2)

PDP-11 port: bfd (2/2)

PDP-11 port: gas

PDP-11 port: include

PDP-11 port: ld

PDP-11 port: opcodes

Re: A PE patch.

Performance problem with gas

Please comment: A patch for elf32-i386.c

Please update opcodes/ia64-asmtab.c.

Possible Bug with "n" Flag of .section Directive

possible objcopy misfeature

Re: PowerPC ELF: retain program headers and relocation records in output file?

PPC linker fatal signal

predict and audit "make install"

printf as a macro

Problem with "make check" in ld on ia64.

Problem with _bfd_elf_find_nearest_line on ia64

Problem with binutils

problem with nlmconv

Problem with PIC support

Problem with relocation records (PowerPC)

Profiling forked processes

Profiling output files

Q: ld scripts for multisegment ELF dynamic executables?

Re: Q: ld-linux.2 bug in glibc2.2.2?

readelf.c won't compile with HP-UX 11.00's cc

REL vs. RELA: how to choose?

Re: Returned mail: Service unavailable

RFA: 64 bit reloc support for gas cgen targets.

RFC: Possible tc-mn10300.c patch

Re: S/390 patch for binutils-2.10

SDAREL output sections

selective.exp test with vax-ultrix

SH assembler emits incorrect warnings

sh-coff has same problem Re: sh-rtems and dwarf

sh-elf shared library dilemma

sh-rtems and dwarf

sigsegv in ld 2.10.91 (with BFD 010122)

some weirdness/slippage on RTEMS targets

sparc test failures

SSE x86-64 fix

SSE2 operands mismatch (paddd)

stabs and relocation

static shared library vs static linking

Strange reporting of symbol addresses for a Windows DLL

Re: strings 2.10.90 coredumps when input is from /dev/fd/*

testsuite/ld-checks/asm.s is incorrect for ia64.

Undefined Symbol Error in GAS

v850 bfd patch

vax quad.exp testsuite failure

versioning question (specifying version to link to)

weak symbols and PLT on sparc

windres issue...

x86_64 PIC fix

Re: xcoff64 bfd-bfd-in.h.patch

Your patch on 2001-01-26 is bad

Re: z8k fixes

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